We Are Miller’s Ad Now Launched!!

On Saturday I received a copy of After Capture Magazine in the mail. If you’ve never received the magazine, its pretty cool and has some interesting content. Definitely worth reading! It covers a bit of everything on post processing and Photoshop effects, and features photographic artists and their creative post-processing techniques. As I was flipping through it, I came across my face on a double page spread! I knew that it was coming, but didn’t expect it so soon. So I’m sharing it with you now!

We Are Miller's: Lindsay Adler 2010

We Are Miller's: Lindsay Adler 2010

I am the new face for the “We Are Miller’s” advertising campaign! This ad will be running this fall in After Capture, Rangefinder Magazine and Professional Photographer Magazine. If you get your hands on any of these issues from Sept to-Dec you’ll see me! While you are looking for me, also look in the Sept-Oct issues of Rangefinder and Professional Photographer for a variety of articles I have written for these publications (from business practices to video tips).

In this image (above) I am seen in front of one of my favorite places to photograph clients… an old and abandoned train in the town of Owego, NY. The train has a stunning color, beautiful textures, and gets great evening light for photography. I was asked to choose a location that I felt best fit my style of photography or represented something about myself. I pride myself on imagery with a distinct fashion flair, and I felt that this image (with my friend and client Sara modeling in the background) was a good representation of this approach to portraiture.

I was asked to describe myself in a series of “I Am” statements and I came up with:






When you get a copy of the ad, you can take a closer look and read more in-depth about my ‘I Am’ statements.

Miller’s Professional Imaging is my professional printing lab, and I have been happily using their products and services for years. I found it INCREDIBLE that not only do they have an amazing array of high-quality products, but they also deliver these products in 1-2 days. If I order prints on a Monday morning, sometimes I have them by Tuesday afternoon. When you are busy or forced to do things last minute, this is an amazing benefit (and its at no extra charge). I use them to produce pretty much all my business related products. From prints, DVD cases or custom greeting cards for my clients, I use Miller’s. For my business they print my promo cards, business cards, promo books and more. I love their products and they have also been a terrific sponsor… they have sponsored me speaking at DOZENS of events across the country from WPPI to local professional photo organizations. They are nothing short of fantastic and now I have the honor of being in one of their ad campaigns.

Thanks for listening to me share my good news!

Paintballin’: Trash the Dress Part 2

Paintball Trash the Dress Session by Lindsay Adler

Paintball Trash the Dress Session by Lindsay Adler

After a great time fishing down by the river, Carla and Eric decided it was time for a little paintball war. In this session the dress REALLY gets trashed…. in fact, it gets covered in orange paint and assaulted by a paintball gun!

As you’ll see in the video, first we let Carla shoot her own dress which is nailed to a tree. Then, once the dress is on, she and her husband chase each other around the forest for a cute, fun-loving, and action-packed photo shoot!

The behind the scenes video was capture with the Canon 7D…an INCREDIBLE camera… LOVE IT and the main images of the shoot were with my Canon 5D and a variety of lenses. Enjoy! :D

Gone Fishin’: Trash the Dress: Part 1

Gone Fishin' Trash the Dress Session by Lindsay Adler

Gone Fishin' Trash the Dress Session by Lindsay Adler

Carla and Eric are one of my most entertaining and fun-loving couples. I photographed them several years ago for their wedding, and I was pleased to hear they were interested in doing a trash the dress session with me. The session came in two parts. Part 1: Gone Fishin’. Part 2: Paintballin’.

Here are the images and video that resulted when we went down to the banks of the local river for a cute little fishing wedding story. The video contains behind the scenes, final images, and music by the groom (he is a musician)!

Summer’s Escape: HDSLR Video

Summer's Escape, Fashion Portrait, by Lindsay Adler

Summer's Escape, Fashion Portrait, by Lindsay Adler

With my last blog post, I discussed the importance of telling a story with your images. The story that I shared with you started with a farm girl escaping to read in a haystack. During this portrait shoot, I took it a bit further and utilized HDSLR video to tell the story. With the video you see below, this girl escapes into a dreamland of warm sunset light, beautiful/elegant horses, as well as peaceful solitude.

In this video, watch how the cuts between visuals and the fades between scenes effect the mood and how this communicates with the viewer. 100% of the editing was achieved in iMovie to demonstrate that you do NOT need expensive equipment or editing software to achieve a stylized look. Furthermore, you do not need a large production crew, large budget, or even a long time to shoot. This short film was shot over the period of a couple of hours one afternoon/evening with the help of one photo assistant (Joel), myself, my subject (Sara), and then later someone to help tend to the horse. I don’t have a huge group of people helping me put this together… I can create beautiful imagery without a large budget (and so can you).

I’ve written several articles on HDSLR video in the past, but I have a few key suggestions for photographers. Importantly, I feel that in general the shorter the better! I could have developed the plot further to make this a longer piece, but with the imagery and plot I had, about 1:30 min -2:00 min was an acceptable length. If I had made it any longer the images would have gotten repetitive and less engaging. Many photographers approaching video do not realize that they should aim for quicker cuts and shorter clips… I’ve seen people do similar pieces lasting 10-12 minutes (and I was bored by 40 seconds). Only make your video as long at the content is fresh and engaging.

Think of it like this: Most music videos tell a story, have many powerful visuals, with plots and subplots running through the video. Most music videos run about 3 minutes in length, and even shorter when put on TV. Unless you have a really powerful plot, or particularly superb imagery, chances are you won’t keep an audience’s attention any longer than a music video. Studies show that the attention span of an online audience (once you’ve managed to catch their attention) is around 2:30min- 3:30mins. Don’t push your luck… keep it short and help ensure they see your content the whole way through. If you leave them wanting more, they’ll come back looking for more content in the future.

Feel free to view this video full screen or in HD, and enjoy Summer’s Escape!



Canon 7D

50mm 1.4 lens

85mm 1.8 lens

16-35mm 2.8 lens

WPPI 2011, Photo Expo, Career & Life Updates Aug 2011

I’ve had a lot going on in life recently. A lot. From new sponsorships, to moving, to new projects… I’ve kept busy. I just wanted to share a bit of whats been going on recently. There is no useful tutorial content here… just me making a running list of the stuff I’ve been diving into.

Portrait of Ashley, Photo Connection Workshop, By Lindsay Adler

Portrait of Ashley, Photo Connection Workshop, By Lindsay Adler

My New Home:

I found my new home on the upper west side on NYC, on West 88th Street.  I am just a few feet away from Central Park, and even closer to a subway entrance. It is a lovely new home– exposed brick walls, marble fireplace, tiny bathroom. I will be moving into the apartment Sept 1st. I will still be keeping my studio in upstate NY for support income and whatnot will I pursue my career opportunities in the city. Finding an apartment was HELL, such a pain but it all worked out. Even better yet, I’ll only be a few blocks away from my younger sister Alicia. We have been living thousands of miles apart since she went to college, and now we will be neighbors! I am happy to be next to central park because it will be a great place to do some test fashion shoots and teach some photography classes. I am also looking into a photo studio share near Times Square, where I’ll be able to teach some classes and have a studio for my fashion work. If you are interested in private lessons or attending some small group classes in NYC, drop me a line!

Photo Plus in Panelist, NYC:

I will be a panelist speaker at the Photo Plus in NYC on the topic of social media. The panel will consist of my social media photo friends. Here are some details below… I hope you come watch if you are at PPE!

Friday Oct 29, 2010 3:30-5:30

Photo Plus Expo, Jacob Javitz Center, New York City

New Media Marketing for next generation Photographers

Are you one of the thousands of photographers today that feel like our industry has taken a sudden and abrupt change in directions, almost overnight. Especially as it relates to how commercial photographers market, brand, sell, promote. Are you feeling the need to swerve, veer, change course, zigzag along with it? If you do, you are not alone. Come and listen to a celebrated panel of new, digital and social media experts who will give first hand experience on how to leverage these new tools and technologies to grow a photographers brand. The session will cover beginner and intermediate tips and techniques for Web sites, Blog sites, promotional videos, podcasts, Webinars, e-books, e-mail marketing, Twitter, Facebook, IPhones and IPads, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, SEO and a lot more. This session is for working photographers—taught by working photographers and marketing consultants to the photography industry. Get on the fast track. Swerve with us. Be a part of this critical conversation. Take your brand to new heights through new and social media processes and platforms. Mark this session down.

WPPI 2011 Platform Speaker:

It was announced on Friday that I will be a PLATFORM speaker at WPPI 2011 in Las Vegas! I am sponsored by Miller’s Professional Imaging, and I am so extremely excited to be teaching at WPPI this year. It was a fantastic conference with fantastic people, eager to learn. Plus, its in Las Vegas! Can’t be that. If you have never attended the conference, I can tell you it is well worth it. You can find cheap hotels in Las Vegas, great food, amazing photo classes, a HUGE trade show and more.  This will be GREAT! If you are going to WPPI, I am interested in arranging a Tweet Up, and I certainly hope you’ll come see me present. The topic of my speech is TBA.

WPPI 2010 Road Trip Washington DC:

This year I have been invited to speak at the WPPI Road Trip in Washington DC. I will be presenting on Organization in the Digital Age… in other words I will teach you the essentials you need to know to get and stay organized including workflow programs, keywords, metadata, filing naming structures, and more!

Potential SXSW Speaker:

I potentially have a chance to speak about the business of photography at the SXSW Conference! Right now there is open voting where you can create your profile and vote for your favorite classes… then ideally I’ll get to go! The class would be me, Rosh Sillars (my co-author) and Jack Hollingsworth (social media guru, great photog). When I check on Friday the voting was down, but it should be up soon. You can check for the panel picker voting, or watch my twitter for more info.

My Second Book:

I am currently working on my second book (tentatively) titled “Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography”. I have taught this presentation to many of you before… but the book will cover how to take the essential techniques of fashion photography and apply them to your portrait work in order to create stunning, high-end imagery for your clients. I cover locations, styling, props, lighting and much more. This book will be out in February 2011, in time for WPPI 2011. I’m very excited for my new book… and hope you will be too!

Fashion Agency Launch Party:

My fashion photography agent, KESS Agency, had a huge launch party a few weeks ago in NYC and it was incredible. It was in “The Glasses Houses” in NYC. It was the top floor balcony and lovely. Imagine: White roses and orchids, huge photos (by me!) projected on the white walls, fantastic hors d’oeuvres, open bar, tons of important fashion industry people, high-end clothing, loud music, and amazing fun. Now my agency is really kicking off… we’ll see what it brings! You can check the KESS Agency Facebook Page to see some images from the party!

Potential Sponsorships:

I have to keep these hush hush for the moment, but watch for some cool new sponsorships in the new future!

Other Stuff:

I have a million other things going on as well. Shooting regularly client portraits, traveling all over to teach photography, writing articles for major publications, etc. I will now be writing for Rangefinder Magazine, in addition to my usual publications. I recently spoke at the Photo Connection in Colchester CT, and also at B&H in NYC (for my book signing and other classes). Life is busy, but very rewarding. Watch for my upcoming articles and work… I’ll keep you updated. :D

Tell a Story: Portraits

During my career as a photographer I have been everything from a nature photographer, to a portrait photographer, to a photojournalist. I’ve done it all at one point. Photojournalism taught me something important that I have carried on into my portrait and fashion photography. The lesson? Tell a Story. If you tell a story with you images, you will keep the reader engaged and invested in the images you show. Fashion photographers regularly tell visual stories through their fashion editorials. This isn’t a story that reads like a book… you don’t even need to have a beginning, middle and end. But when you have a cohesive theme, with different images telling a different part of the story, then you images have more meaning and weight. I have noticed that some of the most successful portrait and wedding photographer use their images to tell a story.

Farm Girl, Portrait Story, by Lindsay Adler

Farm Girl, Portrait Story, by Lindsay Adler

Farm Girl, Portrait Story, by Lindsay Adler

Farm Girl, Portrait Story, by Lindsay Adler

Here is story telling at the most basically level. On Tuesday I took a portrait of a girl at my uncle’s farm. I took a variety of shots, including one of her with a pitchfork for hay, showing her as a working farm girl. Another shot of her is reading a book in a hay stack. These are two very basic images, but with these basic images I can already begin to communicate a story to my viewers. Through the story in the images, this girl is a beautiful farm girl expected to help run the family farm. She works in and around the farm, handling chores, but her heart is not necessarily in it. What she truly enjoys is escaping into the haystacks, hiding from her duties, and diving deep into a book. Here she can escape and pass the hot summer days in her thoughts, dreaming off farm of places or a different time in history.

Ok, did I read a little far into it? Probably, but this is still the idea. I could have posted a dozen more images that get deeper into her story. Images close up of her reading the book, her out in a field running way, or whatever else I envisioned as part of the narrative. But even these two images along begin to paint a picture in your mind.

Use your images to tell a story. It will engage the eyes and mind of your viewers, and ideally increase your portrait sales. Clients will want all the images required to tell the story, and thus purchase additional images.

Interested in Advertising with Facebook?

Facebook Advertising for Photographers by Lindsay Adler

Facebook Advertising for Photographers by Lindsay Adler

If you’ve filled out a Facebook profile for yourself, then you know the wealth of information that Facebook has access to. Your date of birth, where you live, your interests, your level of education, and even relationship status. All this information can be used to directly advertise to a detailed target market. As a photographer trying to reach engaged women, high school seniors, or other demographics, this information can be invaluable. Check out this article I wrote for the August 2011 edition of Professional Photographer Magazine.

Advertising with Facebook



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Interested in Advertising with Facebook?
Interested in Advertising with Facebook?

If you’ve filled out a Facebook profile for yourself, then you know the wealth of information

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